Department of Health

"Integrated Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Registry System"

Integrated Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Registry System is a is a mechanism for reporting of maternal, neonatal and infant deaths using internet. The general objective of the System is to make efficient and effective to the current systems and procedures of reporting disease–related data.

  • Provide accurate, complete and timely reporting of disease related data for decision making and for developing program interventions
  • Improve the collection, processing and generation of statistical reports for decision making, program management and monitoring.
  • Achieve integration of chronic non-communicable disease data from different sources.
  • Strengthen coordination, communication, collaboration among the different health facilities and the DOH through the reporting system
  • Provide an effective and efficient tool for monitoring disease related data or information.
Benefits of using ICNCDRS
Who benefits from ICNCDRS?